The Winning Solution for Factoring Institutions
J-Factor is an end-to-end factoring solution that assists factoring institutions in their client tracking, administration and accounting. J-Factor easily accommodates the operational complexities of multiple factoring business models and is designed to meet the needs of varies size factoring institutions while providing the flexibility to satisfy individual client needs.

It supports multiple branches, multiple companies and multiple currencies and fully integrates both client accounting and customer accounting functions.


The e-Client is a client self-service and support solution providing value-added services to factoring clients. While using highly secured e-Client with a web browser, clients can now obtain on-line up-to-date information on payment to-date, statement of account, status of fund availability, credit line and request for funding.

They rely less on their marketing officers to inform them of the latest status of fund availability and other credit information.


The MutiLoan system is an integrated and powerful multi-company, multi-branch, multi-currency and multi-application system, designed and developed with the latest in technology, specifically for financial services companies.

It provides the capability to process different types of loans, including mortgage loans, commercial loans, hire purchase loans, financial leases, etc.


The MutiLCTR system has been built for the financial services industry, Multi-LCTR is an effective system to manage documentary credit operations with the capability to process different documentary credits, including revocable credit, irrevocable credit, revolving credit, revolving credit, etc.