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Savant believes in the value of partnerships and long term relationships.

Savant Infocomm is currently focused on the following technology verticals :

  • eLearning
  • Financial Applications
  • Consultancy and Project Services


We are a provider of Internet - based virtual learning solutions for government agencies, business corporations and educational institutions. The company provides software services, design services, content re-purposing services as well as technology consulting services to corporations looking to integrate learning systems with their business strategy.

Savant aims to provide a one-stop shop with integrated products and services to better suit the diverse training requirements of highly competitive and multinational business enterprises.

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Financial Applications

We are a well-established solution provider in the Financial Services space that spans across factoring, loans, insurance and risk products. As a result, we intimately understand the needs of this sector for robust and secure sub-second processing integrated across the full range of systems and customer touch-points. Our experience also gives us the knowledge and understanding of legacy infrastructure in this vertical.

In the financial services sector, we assist clients at all phases of the value chain, whether it's helping to project a unified brand and client experience, creating content management systems to support the cost-effective delivery of financial products or helping to integrate and implement secure eBusiness capabilities.

Depending on specific needs, we use a flexible and transparent mix of onsite, offsite or offshore resources.

Our onsite consultants are backed by solution and project management specialists in our offshore development center in India. This delivery model enables us to scale project staffing rapidly to meet client needs, to engage in concurrent development and to employ a virtual 24-hour work day on client projects.

Some of marquee products include :

J-Factor a strategic product that provides the flexibility in packaging the factoring service, to suit the needs of individual clients. Based on Web architecture, it brings the power of the latest technology in order to add flexibility and scale to your business.

eClient— the latest suite of financial products. This product gives our clients the ability to access information over the internet. This product has been built completely using Java suite of products with WebSphere as the middleware and fully integrated with backend J-Factor financial system.

MultiLoan— an integrated and powerful multi-company, multi-branch, multi-currency and multi-application system, designed and developed with the latest in technology, specifically for financial services companies. It provides the capability to process different types of loans, including mortgage loans, commercial loans, hire purchase loans, financial leases, etc.

Consultancy and Project Services

  • Assist clients at all phases of the value chain
  • Helping to integrate and implement secure enterprise business capabilities.
  • Use of technology frameworks, which leverage cutting-edge products, helping reduce delivery cycles from years to months.
  • Strategically organized around the key services required to design, implement, support and optimize high quality Enterprise and eBusiness solutions - and do it rapidly to help achieve Time-to-Market advantage.

IT Outsourcing Services: Offers complete and comprehensive range of services for all computing related positions. We are dedicated to providing the highest standards of support for your organization by working with you as closely and efficiently as possible. We focus on key positions where our consultants can hit the ground running, solve your problems, add value to your team and get results. We offer our clients a range of Engagement Models as follows:

  • Pure On-site
  • Extended Team
  • Phased Development
  • Complete Off-shore Development
  • Dedicated Development Center

Data Center Management Services: We are well-versed in all aspects of Data Center Management including the following: -

  • Hardware installations, maintenance and training
  • Physical inventories, metering and monitoring for license compliance
  • Design or optimization of network control centres
  • Disaster recovery services
  • Maintenance of off-site PC/LAN backup and storage for the mission critical data.

Network and System Integration Services: Make use of specialist network project management and preferred practices methodologies to ensure the network implementation is completed within budget and timeframes. Services include: -

  • Network design and implementation
  • Pre-installation site configuration checklist
  • Physical hardware installation and software configuration
  • Testing for device operability and connectivity.

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